Chaired by Robert C. Little, who is board-certified as an appellate specialist by the State Bar of California, our Appellate Department has handled proceedings in the state appellate courts in California, Oregon and Washington, the Supreme Courts of California and Washington, and in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Over the past several years, we have developed an outstanding track record of success in a wide variety of appellate cases, including:

  • The Ninth Circuit sided with our client after reviewing more than a century of law regarding the citizenship of national banks, reversing a District Court order;

  • When a trial court in Kern County refused to impose a bond for a preliminary injunction against one of our clients, the Fifth Appellate District in Fresno agreed that a bond was required, reversing the trial court’s decision;

  • An attorney and his client had suffered several losses in a matter involving a real property dispute.  After they retained us to simultaneously petition for a writ and to file an appeal, the case settled favorably for our client in a mandatory appellate mediation in the Fourth Appellate District in Riverside;

  • Citing a Health and Safety Code statute, a real property receiver demanded that our lender client pay for code violations caused by the borrower. After we presented the legislative history of the statute to the Fourth Appellate District in San Diego, it agreed that our lender client was not obligated to pay for the borrower’s code violations;

  • After years of litigation in the largest probate conservatorship in Contra Costa County, one of the prevailing parties retained us to handle the losing party’s appeal of the dismissal.  The Court of Appeal upheld the judgment dismissing the case;

  • In a recently published decision issued by the Court of Appeals in Washington State, the Court held that the statute of limitations is tolled on a deed of trust foreclosure when a borrower is in bankruptcy and the automatic stay is in place, even if the lender could have successfully moved for relief from the automatic stay.