AFRCT'S Appellate Chair Robert C. Little Speaks To Lawyers About Appellate Mediation

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Riverside, Calif., March 17, 2017 – Robert C. Little was selected by the California Court of Appeal's Fourth Appellate District, Division Two, to speak to the general membership of the Riverside County Bar Association regarding the Court of Appeal's Appellate Mediation Program on March 17, 2017, at the RCBA Building's John Gabbert Gallery in downtown Riverside.

Presiding Justice Manuel A. Ramirez will lead the panel, along with the Court of Appeal's Managing Attorney Don Davio, and its Settlement Conference Administrator Jackie Hoar.

As a seasoned appellate litigator with numerous successful appeals to his credit, Robert has extensive experience handling appellate mediations in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in California's Second, Third, and Fourth District Courts of Appeal, and with the former mediation coordinator of California's First District Court of Appeal.

"Appellate mediation provides lawyers with the opportunity to bring an entirely new perspective to the future of their cases," Robert says. "Whether it be the ten-figure class action settlement, the five-figure judgment after a bench trial, or the interlocutory appeal from a preliminary injunction, appellate mediation should never be ruled out."

The Mediation Program run by Division Two of the Fourth District Court of Appeal is served by volunteer mediators who include lawyers and even appellate justices. "The success rate of Division Two's Mediation Program is truly remarkable," Robert says. "The Program also offers an outstanding opportunity for volunteer lawyer mediators."

A common mistake many lawyers make is approaching appellate mediation with a "this-case-will-never-settle"–attitude. "Not so," Robert suggests. "Appellate mediation opens up entirely new vistas for case resolution. It can save time and money, and more invaluably, avoid future heartaches for clients and enduring headaches for lawyers.”

“Some of the most difficult cases that have come up to me on appeal, following years of costly litigation, and with a great deal of baggage and hard feelings for litigants and lawyers alike, successfully resolve in less than a day at appellate mediation.”

Robert can be reached at (626) 535-1900.

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