The Firm’s employment practice encompasses proactive planning, documentation of employment compensation structures, as well as defending employers in employment litigation.

AFRCT is often called upon to assist companies in implementing “best practices” with their workforce in order to comply with applicable employment laws, and minimize future claims, including privacy and leave issues, and employee handbooks and policies.

We are frequently engaged to draft employment agreements, including executive compensation arrangements, stock option agreements, incentive compensation terms, phantom stock agreements, independent contractor agreements, confidentiality and non-solicitation agreements, and a myriad of other employment-related agreements.

No matter how careful a business tries to be in overseeing its workforce, litigation is sometimes inevitable. Issues include Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), including Title III (Public Accommodation), Discrimination and Harassment, including Age, Race, Disability, Gender and Sexual Orientation, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Privacy and Defamation, Wrongful Termination and Retaliatory Discharge. We implement aggressive strategies in defending our clients, seeking an early resolution when it makes sense. When early resolution is not possible, we provide a thorough defense from the initial pleadings through to trial. We pride ourselves in regular and effective updates, and work within the litigation plan jointly adopted by our client and the firm.

We are results oriented.

The combination of vast experience and a keen understanding of our clients’ desired result allows us to avoid getting caught up in unnecessary minutiae, or personal battles with opposing counsel, that can add cost and aggravation to the process. We foster a collaborative approach with our clients characterized by responsive and open communication that begins with the first meeting and continues throughout our representation. Our passionate and pragmatic advocacy for our clients has forged enduring relationships focused on our clients’ needs and objectives, because results matter.